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I was looking for an online shop locally that accepts Paypal, it was hard to sort out through heaps and heaps of sites on google. I finally decided that I would post an inquiry to one of the forums I am in. I asked for a call to action in sharing the sites they know locally that accept paypal. I received two to three suggestions and one stood out. It is Filters Exchange.

Filters Exchange stood out because the owner actually responded on my thread that he is willing to accept paypal although not mentioned anywhere on his multiply e-store. However, he mentioned that the only thing that concerns him is that Paypal charges the seller or the recipient of the payment a particular amount at around 4 to 10% including the bank withdrawal percentage. So if I bought a 100USD item, it would then add up another 10% meaning I have to pay 110USD which is significant. Sir Joseph the owner of Filters Exchange said that he doesn’t want to add that additional burden to the buyer. The additional problem at that time was that the item I plan to order was still out of stock, so I had to wait a week or two for it to be available. I asked Sir Joseph to contact me when it is available, he agreed, but I got to learn it was available a couple of weeks later just as he was posting an update on the stock availiability.

So sick
Filters Exchange

I mentioned, well usually a buyer using paypal is already aware of the additional charge, if not then he should inform them, and they may not mind. So I said I don’t mind the additional fee as long as the transaction is reasonably fast and efficient. Another problem we encountered is that there was no fixed calculations for the items how much to add to the retail price when doing the paypal-to-paypal transaction. We had some rough calculations; that’s why I decided to build a new paypal calculator for this purpose on this blog.

Fast –forward to the time when the items are finally on-stock. After we mutually agreed that I’ll be charged extra for doing a paypal-to-paypal transaction, I selected some items on his multiply e-store. Sir Joseph, fondly called Sir Lehboy on forums, tipidpc ads or ads was quick enough to respond on our Instant Messenger conversations. We not only talked about the transaction but we talked about other stuff as well. The atmosphere was laid back and reassuring. After I confirmed what I would want, I private messaged the items I plan to order to him. The next day we YM again to confirm the calculations on the extra charges and whatnots. Then a couple of clarifications later, I sent the payment to his paypal address. He confirmed details on some of the items and asked for what shipping courier would be comfortable for me.

That was on Thursday April 23, 2009. The next day I contacted Sir Joseph again to ask for the shipping info, it was that day when he shipped that item, I got the shipping info later that day, he encountered some problems with the courier and one of the items I ordered was declined by the courier, so that other item will be shipped later.

So sick
Package Received

Saturday April 25, 2009 after lunch, I got a call from the courier asking for my exact location. 10 minutes later, package has arrived. It was well wrapped and all items have no speck of dust in it, even the packaging. I was pleased of how fast my transaction with Filter Exchange ensued. Basically I would say, Responsiveness is about  an 8 out of 10 since sometimes Sir Lehboy is so busy with other orders, but he takes time to confirm the orders if you are already decided. Shipping efficiency and delivery I rank 10 out of 10, another recipient of the GP Gold Seal.

I am still waiting for the shipment of the final item of this set, judging by the reliability of the previous set, I bet it would be here sooner than I think…

So sick
Package Opened

So sick
Items Pristine

So are you ready to order at Filters Exchange? I highly recommend them; tell Sir Joseph you found the info on this site.

Wait for my review of the individual items I ordered on future posts.

Congratulations Filters Exchange for achieving the Gee Please Gold Standard.

If you have any feedback for Filters Exchange, don’t hesitate to leave your comments below.

Filters Exchange, please copy your Gold Seal Above and display it proudly on your site!
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