ILC Imaging aka inkdepot Part2

Monday March 23, 2009, exactly ten days after my initial inquiry my items were shipped by ILC Imaging a.k.a. inkdepot. Miss Joan Chua texted me that the shipping was initiated and I have to wait until Friday for my package to get to me. So I figured, that would be about 5 days, I was figuring it would only take them a day or three days to the most. Anyway, this was because the shipping possibly uses an actual ship to ship out the items. Kidding aside, I am a patient person, so I was happy still that my order is progressing. I am doing this review for the benefit of the other customers who are still hesitant to the power of Online Merchants, read my side-story and intro to this here.

I texted Miss Joan for the tracking number and the Address of the Courier since the items are for pick-up. I called the courier by Friday and my item wasn’t there yet. It took four more days for my orders to finally arrive. I picked the order up on Tuesday, March 31, 2009. There were two boxes and shipping cost was quite reasonable, the other box was heavy and the other light. I was excited to open the box, and I noticed the box wrapping is wrapped all over by packing tape, you can’t see bare box skin on the package, the whole thing is zombified by the packing tape, now that is what you call Packing! ILC imaging does make sure your package is well-packed, another Plus on my list. What mad the package a little pretty was my name computer printed under the ILC Logo on the package, I like seeing my name on a package, lol!

Ok so I got home, I then slowly unwrapped the package like a kid on Christmas Day, I was practically drooling. After a few minutes of figuring out how to open the packing tape wrapped box, I was finally able to see the items. They are packed neatly inside the box, not even a mosquito can breathe inside the package, and no item was out of place, it was all really well wrapped and packed and neatly organized, until I notice the printer, looking inside it’s box, my first instinct was to reach for the manual. Oh no! The manual wasn’t there, so I executed my perennial items checking mode. Okay so the individual kits were there, inks check, PVC check, Laminating kit check, Printer Kit…. There was no Manual, CD-Installer, Power Cord and USB cord. So I again hurriedly texted Miss Joan about this, I informed her that I made sure to check for everything and those were the only items missing. So I had to wait three more days to sort this out, Miss Joan finally shipped the missing items on Friday April 3, 2009. I then received the rest of the items via Fed-Ex/Air21 Local four days later. Download the Instruction Manual at the end of this article for the check list I made for your convenience including instructions on the CISS.

So sick

All in all it took about twenty days for me to actually try out my order, when I had problems with testing the kits, all I needed to do was call or text Miss Joan and she replies promptly.

Now on to the fun part, I setup the printer and tried some prints, first print was not too perfect, so I figured I clean up the clogged printer heads and refill the inks. Tried again and still no luck, so I tried to re-prime the CISS as instructed on some online videos I found. Don’t worry I have made a Special Instruction Manual at the end of this article for the convenience of ILC imaging customers who encounters some issues, so that you don’t have to bug Miss Joan all the time, right Miss Joan?

So it took me several more times to figure out priming the inks until it printed ok. Then I tried printing on to the PVC, print outs were all smudged, so I called Miss Joan again, until I finally notice that the ink cartridge needs to be removed because there was an overflow at the bottom of the ink head, possibly caused by shipping the printer. I cleaned those up, re-primed again and all was going smoothly, until I decided to laminate the PVC I printed.

So sick
Six Inks Set

So sick

Now on to the Laminating machine. I was too excited that I forgot to check all the other things I usually check. I checked if Printer and Laminating machine was rated at 220Volts, and it was. Don’t forget to check yours too; you might burn your unit if the corresponding voltage rating is set differently. Then I checked the plugs, the printer plugs were ok, the laminator it is then that I noticed that it has a special plug. To my dismay, I contemplated cutting the cord and replace it with a regular plug, until I figured it is much easier to go to a local hardware store and look for a Universal Outlet Plug Adaptor (pictured below).

So sick
Not A Regular Plug

So sick
Universal Plug Adapter

Don’t forget to screw in the lever arm of the card cutter, if you can’t turn the lever the proper way; unscrew the hinge that locks it in. The two little metal stoppers where the lever is supposed to be in between of. Those little stoppers can be screwed out. Enough of the screwing around and let’s proceed to laminating.

So sick

So sick
Cutter and Puncher

So I successfully laminated the PVC using the settings pictured below. If you watched the video on ILC Imaging about laminating, it took the operator a much longer time to get the system to heat up right? One tip, put it instead of the ¼ position to the ½ position of the dial, then after a minute, turn it back to the ¼ desired position. That will heat the laminator up way quicker.

So sick

So are you ready to order at ILC Imaging? I highly recommend them; tell Miss Joan you found the info on this site. Oh and the promised Instruction Manual for the CISS you can view or download here. Click to view, or Right-Click then Save as to save.

Congratulations to ILC Imaging for receiving the Gold Standard!

Our First Ever GP Gold Seal is awarded to you!

ILC Imaging, please copy your Gold Seal Above and proudly display it on your site!!!

Give your feedback to ILC imaging on the comment section below if you like thanks!

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