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I was searching for a good format and some ideas how to hold a contest for my blog, I found this other tech blog technogra.ph holding a contest rewarding the winner an LG KP-500 Cookie. Now my blog is not on their level yet, so I can’t afford to give out prizes like mobile phones, possibly in the future I could.

So instead of spending time scouring for information, I decided I’ll join their contest and see if the contest is legit and If I am up to par in winning the prize. That way, you my dear readers will have an idea that blog contests are cool, legit and rewarding. Now you can start giving my design entry a 1 to 5 cookie rating by responding on the comment section below with something like “Hey GeePlease, I give your design 5 Cookie Rating! Pretty Neat!”

So sick
Cookie Represents Me Entry

Here are the Instructions on the technogra.ph site.

  1. Download the LG KP500 Cookie thumb mark icon here. Already Did
  2. Design an original artwork that best represents your personality using the famous Cookie thumbprint. Entries must not be the same as the ones posted above. Design must be in jpeg file format with a minimum resolution of 1275 X 1650 pixels. Entry Above, Click Image for the actual resolution image required by the contest.
  3. Post your design and write a blog/entry telling your readers:
    1. Why your thumb mark design represents you. See Below
    2. Why you deserve an LG Cookie phone. See Below
  4. Ask your friends to rate your design on a scale of 1 – 5 cookies and share their insights. One insight per visitor will be counted. (Get your readers to comment on your entry and rate your design). Readers Please Comment, this is your Job!
  5. Post your blog/entry link in the thread of this main competition site (leave an opinion below containing a link to your entry). I did after writing this entry
  6. The promo starts on April 8, 2009. Deadline for entries is on April 29, 2009, Friday. I’m in
  7. One male and one female winner each of LG Cookie will be announced here on Friday, May 1st 2009. I’m Male

Whew! Now that I followed their Contest Rules, let me post the other two requirements.

Why your thumb mark design represents you.

It represents me because I talk a lot, write a lot, blabber a lot, blog a lot and basically I live in the communications age, so it’s all about communicating. When I was a child I was always called “The Mouth” because I could talk a lot about things and I always intervene when older people talk. The little swooshes around the thumbprint are the media I am in, there are four; the web, mobile phone, real talk, and writing. Oh and the background is still the thumbprint translating that I am leaving my mark on what I talk about.

Why you deserve an LG Cookie phone.

Because honestly, I want one and second it would be useful for me to prove that blog contests are fun and reliable so readers of blogs won’t hesitate joining blog contests in the future.

Now Start Voting for me! Remember 1 to 5 Cookie rating, I’d appreciate your honesty in giving me a 5 Cookie rating, Lol!

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