Nissin Di622 the Review

The Nissin Di622 is a flash unit for the budget conscious, it is often compared to the Nikon SB-600 and if you are looking to convince yourself with both, the simple answer would be: “The SB-600 costs double the price of a Di622, so if you have a Nikon system and you have the budget, get the Nikon SB-600, it has CLS and when you get an SB-900 in the future, the two will go hand in hand as SB-900 can function in commander mode, paired with the SB-600 as slave is already  a basic CLS (Creative Lighting System) setup for Nikon, and guess what? Nikon CLS is effective and the best automated lighting system I know of.

(*Update: If you are on Canon, it still should work with your Camera if you have the Canon Mount version of the flash.  No firmware update required for the Nissin Di622 Mark II model for Canon. If you require a higher GN number or a better model for either your Canon or Nikon SLR, then you might need to take a look at the Nissin Di866. )

Nissin Di622
Nissin Di622 vs. Nikon SB-600

Now if you are not convinced, or you still want to get a descent flash while not going broke in the process, then go get the Nissin Di622. It’s a powerful flash, has similar swivel functions as the SB and almost similar aesthetics. What’s on the SB’s that’s not on the Di622? The SB’s have LCD display when controlling, it can work with Nikon CLS, better Locking mechanism of the swivel head and again CLS.

Nissin Di622
Nissin Di622

Having said that, you may ask; “What are the strong points of the Nissin Di622?”

  • It has wireless Slave mode through its photo detector.
  • Also has an assist illuminator at low-light conditions to get the proper exposure levels.
  • Flash light is quite strong.
  • Has swivel head left to right, up and down.
  • Has TTL for both Nikon and Canon
  • Compatible with Nikon and Canon depending on ordered mount requirements.
  • Flash Exposure level can be controlled on camera (depending on type of camera)
  • Plastic built but quite sturdy.
  • Has built in flash bounce and diffuser
  • Can function in Full Manual mode, you can set the Flash strength manually.
  • Comes with a flash stand that can also be mounted via a screw on a tripod or flash brackets.

Weaker points of the Nissin Di622:

  • No jack for flash triggers like wireless Flash Triggers (Can be modified though to function on flash triggers, but slight soldering and dismantling knowledge is required. Comment if you need the link) *editors note: There is a new Nissin Di622 Mark II that supports Hot Shoe Trigger out of the box, so no need to dismantle. You can now use your cactus and other flash triggers to slave mode the Di622 Mark II.
  • Weak locking mechanism on the swivel head, especially when adding snoots and diffusers.
  • No LCD and cannot work with the Nikon CLS.
  • Optical Slave mode works in TTL but has problems when other light source or flash is present. (Accidental Triggering).
  • Optical slave mode fails in very sunny weather (can be corrected by adding a dark filter on the optical area).

Nissin Di622
Nissin Di622 Package

If you have other observations on this flash unit, please suggest it by commenting and I will gladly test it and add the notes if confirmed. Official Website of Nissin is at and the Nissin Di622 is posted on their site.

I have an SB-600 and have tried the CLS with a friends all-Nikon setup and nothing beats it when you’re on a Nikon System. But if you are a starter, and you want to master Flash control and you are on a tight budget, Nissin Di622 is a winning bet. If you plan to purchase one through Filters Exchange, let them know you got the info here.

Do you need to know more? Comment below and I’ll try to answer all your questions.

Nissin Di622
Nissin Di622 Front

Nissin Di622
Nissin Di622 Back

Images Courtesy of Modar who was gracious enough to lend us his images.

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