The Long Overdue KimStore Review

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*Update: 2013. We Have received Private Emails and Contact from people complaining about KimStore, if you want to publicly post your complaints, you can do so on the comments area, however we are in no way connected with Kim or KimStore. As you may have read, I have posted also here a negative experience with their store but more on their Front Liners. When I started this review, Kim Lato was personally attending to my orders and she was just starting up, so experience was a bit different. Overall, my personal opinion is that her store has been providing me a satisfactory service to all the phones I ordered from them, although I also would indicate that I have experienced problems with their Front Liners. I would however, still recommend KimStore if you are planning to get items from her store.

*Updated Below: 2012. Last 2008 I have been looking for a replacement mobile phone.  I admit I am kind of a mobile phone addict since I change phones an average of 8 times a year. I thought to my self, this would be one of the last of my cellphone replacement for 2008 and I will try not to change phones for 2009, which I ultimately failed since I got a few more replacement after buying one from the store I am about to review.

KimStore is owned and managed by Miss Kim Lato, I won’t go into details about her, since you can prominently see her info anyway on her online store at Also, if you want to get to know her, she has a facebook store link as well as her personal facebook which she only approves friend requests for a much closer circle of friends. (*update, she has a personal FB and the stores FB, I am on both)

If you are still intrigued by the ever charming Miss Kim as I fondly call her on SMS, then get your self an issue of the “Entrepreneur” magazine she is featured in. (See Image Below).

KimStore on Entrepreneur Mag


Anyway on to the review.

After several months of studying for my next phone option, which I always do before getting a new gadget, I finally decided on the Nokia 5800XM (The Nokia Tube), and at that time, I found the features amazing for my needs, not to mention that it can support large amounts of external memory. But enough about the Nokia phone, since I already reserved a special review for my gadgets on the Gee Please Blog anyway, let me proceed to the buying on KimStore part.

The Cute Kim Lato

The Cute Kim Lato

Well, I searched for available e-stores online preferably with a review made by customers already, and at that time, review of KimStore as a “reliable” source of gadgets was scarce, as opposed to now that she(Miss Kim) is now prominently featured in talk shows and magazines. So I said to my self, “Hmmm, what the heck, she looks reliable enough”, looking at how cute she is on her profile pic at Multiply(look at the picture on the left).

After that, I got her e-mail and YM address on her multiply site, I sent an e-mail query, which she responded ever so quickly. At that time I opt to pay using PayPal since I was overseas, which she accommodated for an additional charge of course. I selected the product I want, colors and details, we talked for a while on YM and then I finalized my order. It was back and forth for the next 5 days, since I was a little hesitant and I was a little uneasy transacting online in buying products from a merchant I haven’t really heard about yet at that time. Since the main purpose of my Gee Please Blog is to review merchants so that you, Yes YOU! the readers will know which e-stores are reliable, I am taking the bullet for you guys. Lol!.

Anyway, I gave her my shipping address, I specified a courier I specifically wanted which I agreed I will add an additional shipping cost which Miss Kim accommodated for me. After the computation of the total price, I said goodbye to my PayPal Credit to pay for the item.

I crossed my fingers after that, and to my excitement, I sms’ed Miss Kim to ask about the item if it was already shipped. She answered, “Sir, we only ship out the items at the end of the day together with the other customers orders.

I slept on it, still worried and excited at the same time. Although I have frequented to buy stuff on other e-stores/web sites, I still get the same feeling every time, which I now think I am addicted to that uneasy, waiting, anxious feeling. The next day, I wanted to “text” Miss Kim again, but I though I might become an annoyance to her, and who would like an annoying customer. Anyway,  about 9am after my morning routine, Miss Kim texted me first with my Package Tracking number. I thanked her and hurriedly logged in to my couriers site to track my package. I was greeted with the phrase, “Sorry, there is no item with that tracking number, please write down the correct tracking number and try again.” I tried three more times, getting ever so nervous.

I texted back Miss Kim if indeed the tracking number was correct, and she said it is. I said the tracking numbers dont work on my courier’s site. She mentioned to try again later. I waited a few hours before checking since the couriers site may have not updated there package list yet I thought to my self.

Anyway, after about half a day, later in the afternoon, I saw my package tracking results on the couriers site. Deep inside, I felt a warm rush of relief and the next feeling is like a kid anticipating his present on Christmas day. The next morning at noon, my package arrived. Pristine, no scratches, brand new with all the labels and correct packaging. I texted Miss Kim telling her the package has arrived and thanked her for the wonderful service. All in all, my experience with KimStore was direct and efficient, once I paid and the order is Final, it took only a day for my package to arrive. After-Sales inquiries with Miss Kim was fairly easy too.

The Nokia 5800 Xpress Music

Well the next thing I did was play with the new phone, but the next few months, I got all my friends to try out KimStore, and they are all thankful I pointed the site to them. I have ordered a couple more items from KimStore over the years, usually ordering for friends, schoolmates I had back then asking me to get stuff for them and relatives.  Just this August, I personally ordered again at KimStore, this time via bank deposit, and still the result is efficiency at its best. I called Miss Kim, she told me the availability of warranties, the total price, I agreed, deposited to her stores Bank Account, sent her the reciept number and details of the deposit, my shipping address. And this time, since I ordered early in the morning, I got my Tracking number early in the afternoon and got my package early the next day. So don’t hesitate to get items from KimStore, I would bet my body parts on it you would be satisfied with their service.

*Update: A Few More Years After this review.

I still do order in from KimStore, but since then I am always communicating with her staff rather than directly to her. I have ordered items for friends and family, from SLR to Phones and Gadgets, from as low as 100USD to more than 1000USD and I never fail to ever receive the items I ordered. I did experience a couple of times where the communication with her staff sometimes fail and seem unresponsive, sometimes you would feel let down being a Loyal Customer for the last 5 Years, but then again, getting the stuff you ordered at a much affordable price is the main gist of getting it from KimStore without the hassle of going to the mall or Traffic. So experiences you may have with communicating with KimStore Staff will be on a case-to-case bases.

Claiming warranty and Replacement I would surmise as FAIR, I did comment a few years back regarding my purchase of a fairly expensive phone at the time and after a few weeks having dead pixels and Touch Screen wasn’t responding to touch. KimStore doesn’t give warranties on dead pixels, but since there was bigger issue of the touch screen not working after a few weeks, I did send the phone back to KimStore for warranty and it was received by his staff. Communication with the tech staff wasn’t painless, but I did manage to convince him to either fix my unit or replace it. I did have to cover the shipping cost to send it back, but since sending it, I didn’t receive a response for several attempts. I did receive finally a direct response about my case only after a week of explaining that I sent it and worked with my courier following-up the case. The Tech Guy then told me that it needs to be sent back to the manufacturer and I should wait about a month. But it took 6 months and no updates until I called again and personally demanded to talk to Miss Kim and finally Kim just then decided to send me a refurbished unit for my troubles. It ended well but It took a few months. So I just ordered a secondary phone from oddly enough KimStore while waiting for my other unit to arrive for those months I was waiting.

I did order again last 2011 the GNote I posted here for review, it was at the time the phone was first launched and KimStore had the first units. I had no troubles with that said Unit. So it is surmise to say that, such cases happening above may be isolated. However, for a loyal customer, I felt kind of bummed at the time. Kim explained however that the tech guy who received my broken unit has actually either left it on the drawer without informing the others, or something along that line, and then that person was no longer a part of KimStore and just left my case without updating me. So if I haven’t called back, my claim was in limbo the whole time. Anyway, Kims personal response after I demanded to talk to her personally was swift and fast. That replacement phone although refurbished worked flawlessly and is still used by my niece today.

This year, I again ordered a few stuff and I am planning to order again. KimStore has received a lot of awards already proving their reliability and trustworthiness. One thing I could suggest however is for Kim to recognize and give importance to training her Staff, Keeping a record of Loyal Customers and greeting them Merry Christmas sometimes, lol!. Anyway, just an experience I had with my local tech store here, after being in business with them for the last 8 years, they have been sending me greeting cards with their Ads and discount coupons. And was surprised last year to receive a full set of Studio equipment just for being a customer. (I think it was co-sponsorship thing they had and they select the customers who have been loyal to give a different set of them to).

Congratulations KimStore for achieving the Gee Please Gold Standard.

If you have any feedback for KimStore, don’t hesitate to leave your comments below.

KimStore, please copy your Gold Seal Above and display it proudly on your site!
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