Tips & Tricks: Things You Didn’t Know Android Can Do!

Some of my friends who recently moved to Android from iOS (and Nokia) told me over lunch that they have discovered a few new stuff on their android phone every day even if they had owned their phone for a few months to a year already.

They asked me to compile some nifty tricks Android can do, and in this post I will list some of them. Feel free to chime in on the comments if you found a few android tricks that I have not yet posted here. Take note that some of these tips are dependent on some models and versions of Android. I will try the best as I can to post those that are universal across all devices, but take note that my tips are taken from the Galaxy series as most of my friends use sammy’s droids.


Here we go:

1. Quick Tasks (I hope you know this already)

Did you know that you didn’t have to install tasks managers anymore? Android version 2.0 and above already has a built-in task manager, all you have to do is push the center button (or any HOME button you have on your phone) steadily for a few seconds and a list of recently run apps will be shown. This is will also serve now as your task switcher as you can switch between currently running apps on memory in the pop-up window. Clicking the Task Manager button quickly opens the task manager wherein you can close the running programs, another tab is for RAM or Memory flushing, wherein you can close all running programs and free-up your phones memory.

2. Quick Brightness Toggle Control

(Mostly exclusive for Samsung Series, available on update on s3 and other models, I added a playstore link for a third-party app if you like to add this quick feature if you don’t have this on your phone yet.)

On your Androids notification bar, just swipe on the black bar either left or right, where swiping right increases brightness and swiping left lowers it. It’s a nice feature ain’t it? If you don’t have it on your phone, you can install the App I linked below for you to have it. This app has a small footprint and beats you clicking through a bunch of menu settings to adjust brightness or have a dedicated widget for it. Click the reviewed by button below.


3. Video Player Fast-Forward and Rewind.

I have not tested if this tip works across all devices, (let me know if it works for you on the comments area). But in the samsung series phones, on the default/built-in video player, while the video is running either played or pause, you can just swipe in the middle of the video left or right to fast-forward or rewind.

4. Making Your Phone Busy or “Cannot be reached” and Muted Quickly

Just turn your Android phone upside-down during a call and it will automatically stop ringing and the caller will hear a busy tone.

5. Double-Tapping the Home button activates Apps, defaults to Voice-command(or the Android Siri?)

I know you can set a different application to run when double-tapping the home button, but by default, it runs the voice-command of your android phone. On the galaxy series phones, after double-tapping, you then say by default “Hi Galaxy” and then a sentence to run through tasks like sending a message to one of my friends goes like this: (Double-Taps Home)>”Hi Galaxy”>”Send Message To Riza, How are you today? Would you like to hangout with me for lunch?” It will bleep and then notifies when message has been sent.

6. After Activating Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, Shake Phone to automatically search for Devices

Did you know that you can just shake your phone to search for devices to connect to, when you are on the device search window?

 <more to be added by GeePlease Readers later…>

If you have other tips and tricks you can share to grow this list, then don’t hesitate to share it below on the comments area. I’ll also indicate reports of tips that doesn’t work for certain models or version of android.

Since we now have Jelly Bean, there are a bunch of tips and tricks specific to this version but some of the tips above should work with it too. Anyway, here’s a list of Tips and Tricks for ICS that you should know. 15 Android Ice Cream Sandwich Tips You Should Already Know

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