Over Protective? Google on the Youtube for Windows Phone 8.

My friend Lisa is a diehard Nokia fan. She attest to the phones sturdiness, especially when she threw a few of them and pounded them on a bad break-up.

So, at the advent of the smartphone era, she never transitioned to the Smartphone Giants like the iPhone or an Android phone. When she learned that Nokia is releasing the Lumia Series, She was extremely happy. And with the Windows Phone 8 Operating System from Microsoft as the OS (Operating System) of the Nokia Lumia, the added perk of being able to use the phone together with her Windows Laptop proved an instant SELL for her.

Imagine my surprise however the other day when she bragged about having the same apps as any other smartphone has. She knew I was the Techie guy of our circle of friends so she kept enumerating the apps that are available on my phone and mentioned the equivalent app on her Nokia Lumia. She ended with a matter-of-fact tone of finalizing that she even had a YouTube app.

The surprise however on my part was not about having all of those apps, rather is that when I checked out her Lumia, and opened the YouTube App, I instantly notice the lack of Advertising anywhere. I mean, I was already accustomed seeing a small banner or a link on every YouTube app I have seen, and on the Nokia, zinch! Nada! Zero Ads.

The curiosity on the missing Ads intrigued me, so I surfed around the web for the reason and found a post mentioning about the missing Ads but it highlights that Google wants Microsoft to completely remove the YouTube App in all Windows Phone 8 installation; and the reason? YouTube for Windows Phone 8 does not show Ads!

On the same article, it was mentioned that Microsoft was amicable to follow Googles demands, but said it would be absolutely happy to include Googles Advertising to it’s Youtube App across all Windows Phone 8 Device. However, the caveat was that is if Google gave Microsoft the proper API’s to do so. (API, Application Programming Interface, a bunch of routines,protocols and fools for building software).

If you think about it then, this is a catch 22 thing between Google and Microsoft.

*Update: Recently, Google has given Microsoft the API and is now working with Microsoft in releasing an Advertising Laden version of the YouTube App. Just don’t update though if you still want to make yours Ad Free…

google youtube on Windows Phone 8

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