Why It’s Not Best To Be an Early Adopter

Got the Best and The Latest Gadget? May it be an Android Phone, an iPhone, a Windows Tablet, a Camera or just your regular Off-Brand Tech Gadget which most probably runs an OS and new Hardware. Be careful and do your research if you have the Money to spare and you got some Pork Barrel Funds to spend when you are getting these gadgets a few days after it is introduced in the market.

GeePlease is not scaring you, I bet if you have done your research prior to the release, or you have been following a particular line of models (like you have been an iPhone user since day eternal, or Following the Galaxy Note line), then you wouldn’t be an exemption, but you could live with the warnings when things go awry.

Here are just a few warnings why being an Early Adopter (people who get Shiny Stuff First before Others Can) is Bad in some instances:

  1. The Released Gadget may have been rushed to the Market due to Competition
  2. OS (Operating System, Software the Runs your Gadget) may have some flaws (remember the time when Apple released their Devices with the Maps App Screwing up?
  3. Hardware Untested, Overheating of Processors, Exploding Batteries
  4. Better Model Released After you Bought One with just an Added Letter. (Like Model 919 then a day or two Model 919a is released)
  5. Early Releases that Have all of the above issues, remedied on the Second Release (It would be okay as Companies would replace your device, but the issue of having to claim, send it over, waiting another month to get the replacement would have been remedied if you just waited and you read this post.)

Why it is good to wait? Well as you may see the warnings I wrote above, your patience will pay off when the Dusts settles and the OS is Stable, the Hardware has no issues and mostly, with a Price Drop coming with it. The best time to buy is a month after a Gadget is released.

One Good Popular example is the Nexus 7 2013 (there are more from the past like Apple and other lines, but this one is the latest as of September 2013). First Releases have known Touch Screen issues and GPS problems, but later ones didn’t have this problem. So if you waited even for a tiny wee bit, you wouldn’t have been complaining on the Nexus Boards and Sending it for Warranty.

Early Adopters
Got The Best and The Latest? Beware!

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