Very Affordable Vanilla Android: The Nexus 4

GeePlease is now Localizing, but we will still stay true to world-wide hunting of affordable and best value-for-money, bang-for-the-buck offers for all your tech and gadget Craving.

We are moving to the Philippines, and you will notice our prices would now include the Philippine Pesos (PHP) from hereon out. Why move you say? Well for one, it’s a sunny place and Chris GeePlease has found a wonderful spot near a beach and find it good for his health to be on a location wherein it is more relaxed and more inspiring for creative writing. Oh and one more thing, we will be more updated than before with the move so sit back, relax and read through our Tips, Reviews and Articles.

For our Opening Salvo with the move, as our perennial motto here in GeePlease, Bang-for-the-buck and affordable Vanilla Android has never tasted this good, Welcome Back the NEXUS 4. Now with a huge 100USD (almost 4,000PHP) Price-Drop.

You can now get the Nexus 4 with the same killer specs GeePlease has Wrote about here, for a Competition-Clearing 200USD (8,000PHP). Now that is a steal. Want me to point you to the best offers? Since we are now writing internationally, hit me up on the comments and I’ll point you to stores in the US, UK the Philippines and Asia even for Middle East that you’ll get the best offer for the Nexus 4! If you want to Purchase it Directly from Google, you can purchase an 8GB Nexus 4 at the Google Play Store for $199, while the 16GB variant costs $249.

*minute update: Just a few minutes after posting this, I got a notification in our Contact Mail here at GeePlease with Friends from the Philippines asking where to get that 8,000PHP Nexus 4, you can only get it for that price if you ask friends to buy them for you from abroad (or from the Google Play Store, since Device Buying in the Philippines from the Play Store is still not available at this time). The Lowest Price I found directly from Merchants in the Philippines is around 13,000PHP to 14,000PHP (roughly around 350USD) which is still not bad considering it’s release price and the competition for the same specifications.

Nexus 4 Price Drop, Very Affordable Vanilla Android Experience
Nexus 4 Price Drop, Very Affordable Vanilla Android Experience


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