Calling for Help for a Fellow Blogger

There are several posts circulating around the blogosphere asking for support for a comrade in blogging and Owner of Vlogger Randloph Novino. Personally as having experienced the same situation before (getting sick & hospitalized) and as my main source of income is my computer and IT Job and although I also had insurance at that time, it still hurts to see all your savings go into your sickness and then have your family suffer with you as well. You can’t even do your work anymore just to continue to have income while at the hospital and by the time you recover, you won’t even have a job to get back to. This is when you spiral into depression and anxiety and all the awry symptoms that comes with it.

I didn’t have anyone that could help me at that time. Same as Randolph I had to depend on my self as my family depended on me. My friends, I couldn’t bother any of them or as if they feel that they couldn’t (or wouldn’t) help at all. Good Thing Randolph has a good friend in Janette Toral, who is also his mentor that is now organizing a fund-raiser for Randolph. Here is the page that Janette Created for More Details.

The good thing that came out with my experience is that I could remain strong and be positive. I now know who my “Real” Friends are, and I finally thought that the most important thing is your Family and Your Health. So if you have anything to spare to help out, and if you could spread the word about the Fund-Raiser, I would really appreciate it. I don’t personally know them or their network, but I do read a lot. I am getting accustomed to the local scene that I found a post mentioning about Randolphs Plight while reading around that I personally related to his situation.

Randolph Novino of PinoyScreenCast Needs Our Help!
Randolph Novino of PinoyScreenCast Needs Our Help!


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