Samsung Galaxy Tab S Official Sucks?

Well do they? I mean Suck? Well it depends on the pricing… It sucks because Samsung Released the Note PRO and Tab PRO line and here comes another drool-worthy release. But First, if you went here at GeePlease just to read on Specs, then you would already know that we don’t dwell too much on those, but rather we note how “bang-for-the-buck” the device is based on those specs. So for SPECIFICATION-looking readers, you can get it here at Android Centrals Galaxy Tab S Specs Post.

Now that we got it out of the way, and considering no local price has not been released yet, let us just get into what I saw at the Kiosks. I was not really that known enough as a Philippine Blogger, maybe that is why I wasn’t allowed to take close-up photos even after introducing my self, so you have to imagine what I saw and take my word for it.

So what I first checked on the device is the screen since this is what they touted the Galaxy Tab S as having the highest resolution tablet Samsung released at 2560×1600 and at 16:10 aspect ratio. Reportedly also having an mDNIe image engine which as you know here at GeePlease doesn’t mean squat if it makes it an expensive piece of device. But, In this case, these numbers, seeing the actual Tab S screen does give me a feel that I actually holding a piece of a portable entertainment system made exactly for videos and photos. I think, people who are particular about the screen quality would drool over the Tab S. The New Galaxy Tab S line was made for Media Consumers (i.e. Those People who Frequently Watch Movies or Read a Lot of E-Books, Comics and Browse Photo Galleries).

I also noticed how thin these Tabs are that I actually checked the device specs for the actual numbers which is written as 6.6mm. It doesn’t make it hard to hold at this thinness, rather I feel I could easily snap it with my large hands. But since there are well-made bezels at the edges, I feel like I am holding a piece of a hard plate of glass. It also has the perforated back similar to the latest releases of Samsung (take note the Galaxy S5), the grip is better that it can be held in one hand. Oh and if you thought the 8.4″ version is very different as compared to the 10.5″ variant in terms of feel? I would say both of them has the same thinness and finish that basically you are just holding either the smaller or the bigger version of the Tab S. Both feel the same way aside from the screen size. However there are these ugly little circles at the back though which I think is an attachment for some covers.

There will be two variants as always, Wi-Fi only and LTE versions. Would I recommend them? Get the PRO line, as I have yet to know the price for these new Samsung Releases, if there is only a small difference in price with the PRO line, I would definitely get the PRO and not this.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5
The Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5


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