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One of the most Visited Post here at GeePlease was our Review of KimStore. Even though we Seldom Update our posts now, we do respond to our e-mails and comments. This Post made us the Customer-Support center of KimStore when we are not actually a part of their business. We received heaps of e-mails asking about them, about devices from their store, Complaints and Praises.

Our Original Post of the Review which we have updated over the years, and for almost 8-Years Already, is located here:

The Long Overdue KimStore Review

For the last few years I have been getting my stuff from their store, I’ll Have you know that there is no sort of Customer Loyalty, Loyalty Rewards or Appreciation. Price-Drops are for all, no direct customer appreciation in place. (Maybe probably for KimStores Friends and Corporate Partners there is) but for regular Joe’s and Jill’s there is absolutely none. This is so you get that I for one wrote that Post with no bias or personal involvement, except as a regular and loyal customer, rewards or not.

Since that time, if you buy from KimStore, it is at your own risk, Lemon to Quality Ratio is pretty low, but yes you do get some issues 5% of the time. There is a hit-and-miss with their Customer Support, mostly even their own facebook page messaging is not that friendly when responding (I know they are busy, but answering an inquiry for a loyal customer would only turn to more sales from someone who already bought heaps of stuff from their store). I no longer have Kims Direct Number, the only available numbers are the ones updated on their site. (They do have a website now and no longer have the multiply one).

So I summarize this post by just saying that if you plan to buy from their store, read my experience over the years from my post above. Price is the main concern when getting items from their store, however if you plan to get the actual product warranty for the same price anyway, I’d probably get it from a mall.


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