Blogaholik: The Beginning

Just in time to feel more patriotic than ever, just in time when Marcos is Buried in the “Libingan ng mga Bayani” which suggests that He is a hero (which is controversial), is also the time where I finally got to Blog freely on the things I like to talk about. To Blog Freely is a Right, and why can’t I do that before? Because, I used to work for an Advertising and Marketing agency which made me a “Ghost Writer” (Not Ghost Rider as I do not “flame-on” nor my keyboard) and write for International Blogs. Not linking to them, because some of those domains were already sold off by their owners.


Good thing is that I retained all the copyright of my other posts for the last few years. Some of my posts delve on the topics for the Philippines which I was allowed to do. So I retained the contents here at Blogaholik as archived posts, since some of the old articles are rich in information and comments that I hate to lose, and basically a trip to the memory lane, nostalgia sort of holding-on to to have these posts available, which is important for someone as OC as me.

Anyway, this is just a formality post, which officially begins my journey on writing for my self, for my readers, subscribers, friends, family and even for my God, Jesus who I want to glorify through this blog.

Thank you for reading this post and may you all be Blessed!

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