Stocking Stuffers: Cherry Mobile USB-OTG miniSD Card Reader, Flash Drive

As the long title suggests, this is the first of my series of “Stocking Stuffers” where I will review very affordable, Bang-for-the-buck gifts you can give to your friends and families during this Christmas season. I’ll start it off with this surprise find I had the last month.

The Cherry Mobile USB-OTG miniSD Card Reader, Flash Drive

Cherry Mobile USB-OTG side-by-side size comparison with 1 Philippine Pesos Coin

Cherry Mobile USB-OTG side-by-side size comparison with a 1 Philippine Peso Coin

As the name suggests, this is a USB to OTG (on-the-go, micro USB) card reader where you can insert a microSD Card on a slot on it’s body. Permanently sticking the microSD card, can make this device a sort of flash drive. Moving files from your computer to your phone is a convenience with this device, all you have to do is plug the Cherry Mobile USB to OTG reader in able to be used by your computer, as well as your OTG capable device.

There are a lot of these type of USB-OTG flash drive and card readers you can find, but I found this one a bit interesting as the form factor is similar to the Samsung Aluminum USB-OTG flash drive, which I will try to get this week as an additional Stocking Stuffer item that I will review.

Regular USB end for your Laptop or Notebook PC.

Regular USB end for your Laptop or Notebook PC.

So why this one per se? Well I found it in one local Galleon Shop while I was reloading my phone, and it’s a Buck-Busting 350 Pesos Only! It might be just a promo they have there, but it should still cost between 350 to 500 Pesos on some stores.

If you have a lot of mobile phone owner, media consumer friends to give gifts to this Christmas, then the cost alone for this device will allow you to save some cash. Your friends will discover that this device will prove to be very useful while carrying it around. I’m sure your friends will appreciate this nifty little device a lot!

I have been using and abusing the Cherry Mobile USB-OTG Flash Drive for a month now, and let me say that the plastic build works for this device. It pretty much resists some scratches even when I put it in my pocket together with my keys and my coins. It’s not completely scratch proof though. It has probably been in and out of devices a thousand times, and the snug fit hasn’t yet worn out. So it’s surmise to say, it is pretty well-built. You can judge the small scratches on the attached photos. And please excuse the dusts, it’s pretty dusty especially after a tropical depression.

Read and write speeds depend on the slots you plug it in, as well as the microSD type you install in it. In my experience, plugging it in a USB 3.0 slot moves files a lot quicker from Computer to the CM USB-OTG flash drive. A 300MB file transfers in an average of 10 seconds. On the OTG end, the same file transfers a little slower at around 30 Seconds on average. This average is tested on three different Notebooks and Desktops, and 5 different Android Phones, using a regular Kingston microSD card.

Micro USB, OTG End of the Cherry Mobile USB-OTG flash drive

Micro USB, OTG End of the Cherry Mobile USB-OTG flash drive

My Conclusion on the Buck-Busting USB-OTG Flash Drive, Card Reader from Cherry Mobile

It’s pretty well-built, it’s affordable, It works the same way as the more expensive USB-OTG devices and it pretty much fit’s anywhere. My only qualm with the device is it doesn’t have a sort of hole on it where I can install a lanyard or make it as a pendant or key-chain. I resolved this qualm by using a trusty mighty bond and a used keychain I have lying around. Where to get it? I found it in Galleon and it may also be available in Cherry Mobile stores around the metro.

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