Useful Android Features that I discovered

While tinkering around my Android phone, and making it work like I wanted to, I discovered a few feature which I found very useful. You might already know about them but to those who don’t, dig in. (This is only available to Android devices who maintain a near stock UI, other manufacturers might have locked them or will not have the same functionality i.e. Non-Flyme, Non-MIUI Devices).


1. Two Fingers Swipe Down Task Bar

Instead of just showing half of the task bar, it will immediately show everything including the quick toggles and settings icons. It’s the same behavior you used before by using one finger showing the task bar and swiping down once again to show the advanced task bar and quick toggles. The two fingers swipe down is a shortcut to this.

2. Boost Gaming Performance

Have you activated “Developers Option“? Activating the Developers Option is done by going to the Settings page and proceeding to About or Device Information section and clicking the Kernel Version or Build number several times and then the “Developer Options” will show, all you need to do to activate it is to go to this option and click/slide to “on” the Developers Options toggle.

Once you have the Developers option activated, you can now find several menus to test out on Android. Be careful though as some of these options might negatively affect the performance of your device. However, if you a careful and know what you are doing, it will help improve your device performance.

This tip is particularly for boosting gaming performance, so you just need to enable Force 4x MSAA (that is basically a multi-sample anti-aliasing feature if you were wondering). It does affect your battery consumption as it forces Android to render graphics at as high as what your device can handle. It is especially useful and best used on devices with better specs, and make sure it’s fully charged.

3. Cursor Move via default Google Keyboard

If you are not using any other keyboard apps other than the pre-installed Google Keyboard, and you were wondering where the arrow keys are to move along words and texts then the second best thing you can do is swipe on the space bar. Google Keyboard has all kinds of features but for moving the cursor, which I’m sure you used to do by meticulously stabbing on the screen when trying to select a letter or word to try and position the cursor. Google keyboard just made it easy for you, just tap and hold the   space bar and then move your finger left and right. It should work on any apps as long as you’re using the Google Keyboard.

4. Booting in Safe Mode

Having troubles with a recently installed app? Want to troubleshoot your android phone? Then you can reboot your device in safe mode. How to do that? Press and hold the power button to bring up the Power Off pop-up. When you see the pop-up, press and hold it for a bit to see the Safe Mode option. If you’re done working in Safe Mode, just long press the power button again, and this time just choose reboot/restart. It will go back to the regular Android Mode.

5. One-Handed Keyboard Mode

Again, only applicable to the default Google Keyboard and only on portrait mode. If you usually type with one hand, you might find it difficult to do so on screens wider that 5.5″ or simply find it difficult if you have shorter digits. Just activate the one-handed keyboard mode in Google keyboard. Tap and hold on the comma key, a small icon will pop-up, slide up to this icon on the right to activate the keyboard’s new one-handed mode. Again this is just for the Google Keyboard, other keyboards have the same thing but on a different shortcut.

I might update this post to add a few more that I find, but if you do find a few useful ones, don’t hesitate to suggest it using the comments section below. And if we absolutely find it very useful, we will credit you and add it to this list. What useful features did you find recently in your Android Device?

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