NOKIA working hard to get back up

If you still doubt if NOKIA is ever coming back, then the answer is definitely “SOON”. They now have their facebook page up, and some of their social media accounts are getting some hints of life. Their Facebook posts indicates they’ll be going full Android this 2017.


I highlighted “hard” in there since they’ll be really having a hard time convincing loyal Nokia users that they are the same Nokia that offers high quality phones that lasts and having features that are innovative. I am really weary though as a loyal Nokia user, considering their brand is probably the only thing HMD Global which mentioned they have a “strategic licensing” with NOKIA, which I think probably means they’ll sub-contract the production of their devices to other manufacturers like Google did with the Pixel, having HTC build it for them.

I am still optimistic though, as they emphasize on their facebook page what they’ll be bringing to the table. There is also an increase of articles on the net of device/render leaks of Nokia phones. An increase of fake Nokia Facebook page and profiles has been increasing as well, so don’t quickly like or join promos from Nokia unless it’s from the official Nokia Facebook page.

If you want to know what’s in store for Nokia, their website is also updated and Mobile World Congress (MWC) has indicated that Nokia will be present on MWC 2017. Here’s an official slide from Nokia’s Capital Markets Day presentation if you’re still not convinced about Nokias comeback.


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