Stocking Stuffers: MSM.HK Power Expert Universal Spare Battery Charger

I am the kind of person who still likes and will always prefer to have removable batteries on Mobile Phones and Smartphones. In my opinion, I chose Samsung as a brand of Android phone as it was the only manufacturer on its early days that offer flagships with removable batteries. They also made waterproof phones like the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active and their other “Active” series have removable batteries.

For me perhaps, it was very convenient to carry around three extra/spare batteries rather than lugging around a battery charger or a power bank especially when out for business trips as I classify my self as a Call/Surf/Text Power User. In hindsight, Samsung also used to sell their own spare battery chargers. The only problem is that they did not make universal ones, you need to buy a particular spare battery and spare battery charger that only goes with a particular model of your Samsung phone.

Now, there are still a lot of smartphones that still have removable batteries, especially locally branded ones like Cherry Mobile, MyPhone and the like. This Stocking Stuffer is for these folks.

MSM.HK Power Expert Universal Spare Battery Charger is a popular and reliable third-party provider of batteries and other accessories for your smartphone. They are pretty well-known however with third-party batteries having an extensive lineups for all brands. I have been using their batteries when I can’t find OEM ones in the stores. This spare battery charger can accommodate and is compatible with all removable battery types. *unless otherwise stated on the manual.


It has an adjustable battery lock mechanism where you can fit most battery sizes to make it firmly sit on the chargers cradle. It also has a sliding terminal you can move and slide so that it points and goes properly in contact with the positive and negative terminals of your battery. Make sure that the positive terminal points to the Positive (+) part of your battery and negative terminal also points to the Negative (-) part as well.

Adjustable Slide Lock for different sized batteries

Adjustable Slide Lock for different sized batteries

As you may notice the top black part where the MSM.HK logo is located, there is a battery charge indicator beside it. In some angles, this black part may look Silver since it has a mirror finish. All you have to do after installing the batteries properly is plug it in. The indicator will light up once you have installed the battery and its terminals correctly even when unplugged, which is a good safety feature.

BONUS: Usb slot to make it into a Power Bank

BONUS: USB slot to make it into a Power Bank

On the right side (depending how you hold it), there is a standard USB slot, where when the charger is plugged-in your regular AC outlet makes it function as a regular smartphone charger. When unplugged however, and with the battery attached, it can be utilized as a Powerbank. A nifty little feature, which does prove useful in some occasions.

The outlet plug can also be folded so you can lay it flat on the table or make it convenient when carrying it in a bag. They also have color variants to choose from as you can see on the official MSM.HK Graphics below. I just don’t understand while Asian brands usually use the term “Fashion” either to mean “Fashionable” or “well-designed”, I am not sure, but I always see this word together with the products. Anyway, The MSM.HK Universal Spare Battery Charger should cost 300 Pesos or lower. Which makes it a good candidate as a stocking stuffer for your friends that have removable phone batteries this Christmas.

Technical Specifications
Input: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz @ 150mA
Output: DC 4.2V @ 400mA +/-50mA
USB Port Output: DC5.2V @ 1250mA(USB)
Battery Charging port: DC5.2V @ 1250mA(battery)
Protection: Short circuit and overload protection
Additional Notes: This Charger is adjustable to fit all battery sizes

The official MSM.HK product graphics and specs are below (excuse the English translations they have though):







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