BLOGAHOLIK is a personal website for Chris “The Blogaholik” which he only used for the last 10 years for his personal musings and notes privately and only shared to his family and friends. Chris used to be a ghost writer for Gee Please of and administers the site for a U.S. Counterpart who is in charge of the partnerships and mainly developed the site as an advertising platform. Since then, the site was sold but the content copyright remained with Chris. Thus you can still see old posts from Gee Please to this one as our Archive posts. This is to remain transparent to all of Chris’ posts as some of them are specifically targeted for the Philippines where Chris is.

Chris will be developing this blog now to reflect on his personal take on things as well as maintain the previous gist of Gee Please for a Bang-For-The-Buck reviews and great finds. This time as personally running the blog, he will be relating some Christian views and related posts for the way we handle technology in the modern times.

Why Blogaholik and Who is Chris?

Blogaholik because Chris reads a lot of blogs and he also reads a lot of books. The main sites he frequent are Kotaku and Gizmodo. He also frequently read the Android and iOS forums like Android Central and CultofMac and keep himself abreast of all the recent technology and mostly about Gadgets, Web and Software. He also delves on Photography and relate all his personal hobbies and work to the blog posts.

Chris is an Internet Specialist that specializes in Branding, Marketing, Design, Electronics, Interface, SEO, Graphics and Social Media (although we don’t post our Social Media Links on this Blog, we will in the future). He is known as the Geek Go-To Guy of his peers, although he enjoys non-geek hobbies like Airsoft, Paintball, Basketball, Shooting and well, reviewing stuff for his friends (too many to mention). He is also outgoing, friendly and loves to Trek and roam the world. He reviews products and merchants from Alaska to Zimbabwe (I mean A-Z). That means we will review from anywhere and everywhere. We might even knock at your doors some of these days and ask if we can sleep over or something.

In the hopes of not repeating what I instruct and share to my friends, I will write it here in my blog to specifically have them just visit it to read my instructions, tips and recommendation. It is always easy to tell my friends “Check My Blog” when they ask me stuff like, “Chris, what can you say about the New Samsung Galaxy Note 8?” and then later have another friend ask the exact same thing. With these in mind, I would also hope that readers of my Blog other than my Friends will appreciate the content I put out, and think of me as a friend trying to share what I know and my Opinion of stuff. Do share to your friends. If you have your own blog, we could exchange links or I can be a guest writer on your blog as I am open to guest on my fellow bloggers blogs. Likewise, I will also be accepting guest bloggers that can review or share related write-ups. Anyway, I would love to answer any questions you may have so don’t hesitate to comment on any of the posts here at Blogaholik!.

Take Care!

Chris “The Blogaholik”

_______________________________________________Below is my Old About Post, see how wasted I was when I wrote it back then… Lol! is a blog created by Chris Rodriguez to share his interest and things that might be useful to you or to your friends and even to your pets.

Chris Rodriguez is a Web Designer and Graphic Artist specializing in Logo and Product Identity designs. He is also outgoing, friendly and loves to Trek. To sound less of a Multiply Profile Page, get to know me to know more about Chris, in the mean time, support my blog and share it to your friends.

Take Care!