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Calling for Help for a Fellow Blogger

There are several posts circulating around the blogosphere asking for support for a comrade in blogging and Owner of Vlogger Randloph Novino. Personally as having experienced the same situation before (getting sick &

This Months Mobile Phone Cofusion

These phones might not be the cup of tea of GeePlease to review, since where our focus is affordable, bang-for-the-buck mobile phones and gadgets, but we couldn’t help not giving notice to the plethora

Game Review: NBA JAM

As you may have known, I usually post game that are not easily found on the App or Play Store but deserves our attention. The last game I reviewed, “Monsters Ate My Condo” from

GPLZ Major Update: We are making Changes!!!

We are saddened that we cannot really keep up on updating GeePlease as much as we want to. We have been scouring for more contributing writers and reviewers and everybody we know is busy

GAME REVIEW: Monsters Ate My Condo, “Entertaining, Really!”

I bought this game MONSTERS ATE MY CONDO a few weeks back for my Girlfriend, as she frequently bugs me to get her new games once she finishes up one of them on my

YugaTech Contests this Christmas

The Good People at YugaTech has been giving away a lot of presents to their subscribers this year with a slew of holiday-filled tech gadgets. This blog is one of my personal favorites when

Gary Fong Lightsphere 2

If you don’t know what it is, it is generally called a lighting modifier in photography. It is often called though as a Flash Diffuser.

The Gary Fong Lightsphere 2 is the newest

Gamers are Astronauts Too

Whoa! Remember those Sci-fi films about space where in astronauts eat foods as a pill or energy bars with specific flavors like fried chicken, lasagna, pizza and cheese burger? Yeah our current Astronauts, Cosmonaut

GTA4: Causes Real Death

A Thai Student Robbed and Murdered an old taxi Driver just to try if it was easy to do the same thing in real life what he was always doing in Grand Theft Auto.

World of Warcraft Moneygram

Why the Title? I logged out today from my new RocketMail Account, (Yes, Yahoo gives you the option to call your new e-mail RocketMail, and not the boring, sounds more manly… lol!).