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Rakk Hamis XT Ergonomic Keyboard Rest

I used to write very long reviews, which takes up too much of my time. Thanks to YouTube, I’ll be doing quick reviews using videos, and when I need to

Get Free 3 Months of Spotify Premium for Php 49

I pretty much install Spotify on all my mobile devices. And the day I got it, in the afternoon, I already subscribed to Spotify Premium. I just can’t live without music. And Convenient Music

Calling for Help for a Fellow Blogger

There are several posts circulating around the blogosphere asking for support for a comrade in blogging and Owner of Vlogger Randloph Novino. Personally as having experienced the same situation before (getting sick &

Alcatel is back!

Remember this mobile phone brand? Their most memorable unit was given a moniker “The Safeguard Phone” or “The Soap Bar Phone” since it’s shape reminded the owner of a soap bar. One strong selling

Best Sounding PMP Tall Claim

As I was researching for the “Best-sounding” Portable Music Player which I will also categorize with PMP (Portable Media Player), since the top two with my extensive testing and research are all PMP’s anyway.


2nd Best Sounding PMP

You may have been wondering why there’s a void in the updates of my post. I have been having my scheduled check-up to the doctor regarding my previous medical incident. Anyway, most of my

Gary Fong Lightsphere 2

If you don’t know what it is, it is generally called a lighting modifier in photography. It is often called though as a Flash Diffuser.

The Gary Fong Lightsphere 2 is the newest

X-Mini: Max Sound

Was browsing one of my favorite tech blog for overseas stuff one day and I saw one Advertisement that caught my eye. The Blog was at yugatech. I was curious what this

Phone: The New Musical Instrument

What does a Musical Genius do with a bunch of Phones? No, not make a bunch of phone calls, but play them like musical instruments. See the video below and tell me if this