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Review Request: HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S4

I’ll have you know first and foremost that there are a lot of the same topic (HTC One vs. Galaxy S4) already out on the other tech sites if you care to search for

Android Tip: Prolong Battery Life

Since the beginning of time, most Smart Phones are known to be power Hogs. More so that most Android Devices suffer from the same because of the Demanding Hardware and OS of these phones.

Tips & Tricks: Things You Didn’t Know Android Can Do!

Some of my friends who recently moved to Android from iOS (and Nokia) told me over lunch that they have discovered a few new stuff on their android phone every day even if they

GAME REVIEW: Monsters Ate My Condo, “Entertaining, Really!”

I bought this game MONSTERS ATE MY CONDO a few weeks back for my Girlfriend, as she frequently bugs me to get her new games once she finishes up one of them on my