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GAME REVIEW: Monsters Ate My Condo, “Entertaining, Really!”

I bought this game MONSTERS ATE MY CONDO a few weeks back for my Girlfriend, as she frequently bugs me to get her new games once she finishes up one of them on my

Alcatel is back!

Remember this mobile phone brand? Their most memorable unit was given a moniker “The Safeguard Phone” or “The Soap Bar Phone” since it’s shape reminded the owner of a soap bar. One strong selling

Philips Xenium: Simply Wow

It’s all I can say for this less than 150USD mobile phone. It’s looks is pretty ok, it’s specs are pretty so-so, but the battery life is the premium here.

The best feature I found

A Reason to get a Nokia

Nokia Feeling the Heat!

Theres up to a 10% Price Cut on Nokia phones, now that’s a good reason to get the nokia mobile you