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NOKIA working hard to get back up

If you still doubt if NOKIA is ever coming back, then the answer is definitely “SOON”. They now have their facebook page up, and some of their social media accounts are getting some hints

Very Affordable Vanilla Android: The Nexus 4

GeePlease is now Localizing, but we will still stay true to world-wide hunting of affordable and best value-for-money, bang-for-the-buck offers for all your tech and gadget Craving.

We are moving to the Philippines, and you

Now Available: Nexus 4, Go Get Me One!

I woke up with a big dilemma, the LG Nexus 4 has been released, it’s quite affordable out of contract, but I can’t afford one just yet. There was no brouhaha, no fanfare, no

Alcatel is back!

Remember this mobile phone brand? Their most memorable unit was given a moniker “The Safeguard Phone” or “The Soap Bar Phone” since it’s shape reminded the owner of a soap bar. One strong selling

Nokia Clone Wars

Much like Jango Fett being cloned in the Star Wars saga, it wouldn’t take long from the copy masters from China to copy our favorite gadgets and things. They have cloned Nike shoes, which

Cheap but Great: Nokia 2630

You know this site is all about great affordable stuff right?. So you want a new mobile phone you can throw away when you get your PMS tantrums (if you are a girl) or

A Reason to get a Nokia

Nokia Feeling the Heat!

Theres up to a 10% Price Cut on Nokia phones, now that’s a good reason to get the nokia mobile you