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Very Affordable Vanilla Android: The Nexus 4

GeePlease is now Localizing, but we will still stay true to world-wide hunting of affordable and best value-for-money, bang-for-the-buck offers for all your tech and gadget Craving.

We are moving to the Philippines, and you

Now Available: Nexus 4, Go Get Me One!

I woke up with a big dilemma, the LG Nexus 4 has been released, it’s quite affordable out of contract, but I can’t afford one just yet. There was no brouhaha, no fanfare, no

Philips Xenium: Simply Wow

It’s all I can say for this less than 150USD mobile phone. It’s looks is pretty ok, it’s specs are pretty so-so, but the battery life is the premium here.

The best feature I found

Phone: The New Musical Instrument

What does a Musical Genius do with a bunch of Phones? No, not make a bunch of phone calls, but play them like musical instruments. See the video below and tell me if this

A Reason to get a Nokia

Nokia Feeling the Heat!

Theres up to a 10% Price Cut on Nokia phones, now that’s a good reason to get the nokia mobile you